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Why Small Businesses Should Consider Advertising on the Radio

April 30, 2020

Radio has always had a place in our lives. It’s one of the most intimate forms of mass communication and a massive opportunity for small businesses to engage with listeners in a targeted, personal way. 

Radio will reach your customers 

Did you know that radio reaches more people than Google and Facebook? It’s true. 93% of Americans listen to the radio. That means that about 245 million people tune in every single month. Not only does it reach more people, but it also reaches people when and where the aforementioned advertising mediums cannot.

Roughly half of all audio listening still occurs on radio — that’s still three times more than streaming. On average, listeners spend at least two hours a day listening to the radio either at home, at work, or on-the-go. That’s compared to only 10 to 12 minutes per day for Pandora and Spotify listeners. In terms of overall audio consumption, 188.6 billion out of 202 billion minutes listened comes from radio.

Given those numbers, it’s clear that radio is still a significant part of everyday life — and why shouldn't it be? We can take it with us everywhere; whether we’re running errands, commuting to the office, cleaning the house, or grabbing an afternoon coffee. 

What’s next?

It’s clear that broadcast radio listeners aren’t going anywhere. People will continue to listen to their favorite programs, music, and stations allowing advertisers like you to reach audiences spanning all generations, demographics, and ethnicities. The good news for small businesses is that radio is not only easier to buy, but more accessible and affordable than ever before. Investing in radio advertising pays off, too! For every dollar spent, $12 is generated in return (and can reach up to $21). 

What are you waiting for? Log in to iHeart AdBuilder to get your custom radio ad on air! 

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