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Use Radio to Reach Pet Owners

September 19, 2022

Nothing compares to the joy of coming home to a loyal pet. Pets play a big role in the lives of their owners, they occupy a significant role in their owners' hearts and lives.They are the most loyal companions; they boost serotonin levels and even boost immunity according to WebMD. In addition to providing emotional benefits, pet ownership can improve one's physical and mental health. Studies show that pet ownership reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, helps to prevent heart disease, and fight depression, therefore, Americans are willing to invest and splurge on their furry friends.

Pet Spending in the US

According to a study done by Forbes, before 2020 the percentage of pet owners in the U.S. was 17% that number has increased to 23% as of April 2022. It’s no surprise that $123.6 billion was spent on pets in the U.S. in 2021 according to an APPA report. Here is a breakdown of that number: 

    - Veterinary care and products - $34.3 billion

    - Pet food and treats - $50.0 billion

    - Pet supplies and OTC medicine - $28.8 billion

    - Other services - $9.5 billion

The “other services” include anything from boarding, grooming, insurance, training, pet sitting services, and toys. People are willing to invest a lot in their loving pets (how could you not!) Pet owners want to spend on services that provide quality care and pampering to their pet.

Why Radio?

Radio is an excellent way to reach customers wanting the best care and products for their pets. Whether you’re a dog groomer, veterinarian or a pet supply store, you want to be sure to reach your customers on a medium they trust.

Radio statistic


Radio is 2X more trusted than social media, so it’s no doubt that this is the best medium to advertise your pet services to reach the 86% of pet “parents” that believe pets deserve to be pampered.

Use the power of radio to connect with pet owners. With AdBuilder you can create an emotionally compelling ad that will resonate with your target audience and give them reassurance that their pets are in good hands.


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