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New Feature: Know When Your Radio Ads Are Playing

April 29, 2021

It is important to us at iHeart AdBuilder to ensure we’re providing the highest level of customer satisfaction and we heard your requests loud and clear for more detailed reporting! We’re happy to announce the launch of enhanced reporting, providing you with increased transparency into when and where your radio ads are running.

To access our new enhanced campaign reporting on AdBuilder, go to the home page or click on your name in the top right corner of the menu and select “My Campaigns” from the dropdown. Next, select the campaign that you’d like to view. Once you’re on the campaign dashboard, click 'View daily impressions' to see your campaign progress to date.

This is where you can see when your ad aired on each station. Keep in mind, all times are listed in your current timezone regardless of where your ad is playing.

iHeart AdBuilder reporting

Click the arrow next to each station to drill down and see the different days and times your ad ran as well as the aired impressions for each play time. For radio, an impression is an estimated listen.

If you have a Nationwide campaign, you’ll need to click the arrow next to each market in order to view station-level details. Here’s what that looks like: 

iHeart AdBuilder Nationwide reporting

As a small business, every dollar counts which is why AdBuilder automatically optimizes ad plays based on the target audience you select for each campaign. In other words, these are the stations and times when your customers are most likely to hear your radio ad. And remember, if you want to change how frequently listeners might hear your message, adjust your targeting, budget, or campaign length.

Thank you for providing feedback and letting us know about your reporting needs! Log in to your AdBuilder account to see how your radio campaign is performing or sign up to get started.

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