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New! Add Podcasting and Streaming Ads to Your Radio Campaign

December 19, 2022

The iHeart AdBuilder team is always looking for ways to improve our self-service platform to make your ad campaigns even better. We are so excited to announce that you can now add podcasting and streaming ads to your radio campaign! You can further expand your reach and now connect with customers listening to their favorite podcasts or streaming music on the iHeartRadio App.

Why Add Podcasting and Streaming?

Podcasts are booming and gaining listeners across all ages, especially Gen Zs and millennials. Podcast listeners are deeply engaged, and studies show that 59% of listeners trust podcast ads more than other media. With high engagement and brand recall, podcasts are a wonderful way to deliver ads to prospective customers.

Streaming radio content also continues to see growth year over year, with a whopping 88% of Americans tuning in and accessing broadcast radio through smart devices. People enjoy listening to audio wherever they are, and with podcasting and streaming advertising, you can reach even more listeners with your message.

If you want to add podcasting and streaming to your radio ad campaign to reach more customers, you can do so by following these simple steps: 

1. Log into your account to create your campaign and select your advertising goals and where you want your ad to run – specific markets or nationwide. When you get to the dates and weekly budget page, you’ll see where you can add Podcasting and Music Streaming to your radio campaign. It's that easy!



Note, when adding Podcasting, you also have the option to exclude your ad from playing on content that includes any News and Politics related shows.

2. Once you’ve added podcasting and streaming, you’ll choose your audience, and we will target podcasts and streaming listeners who listen in your selected market(s) or nationwide. 




3. Finish creating your campaign as usual. Charges for podcasting and streaming will be applied weekly as your campaign runs. The weekly cost will not exceed your chosen weekly budget and may be less in shortened weeks.




Adding podcasting and streaming ads to your radio campaign is a fantastic way to reach more customers and get your message heard. Start your campaign today and let our team create an amazing ad for you!

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