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How to Launch a Radio Ad Campaign With iHeart AdBuilder

July 15, 2021

iHeart AdBuilder can help you get started with radio in three simple steps: click, approve, get on the air. Let’s take a quick look at how to launch a radio ad campaign:

Getting Started

To get started, you will create an account and answer a few basic questions about your business. Next, you’ll select your advertising goal from four different options including: Get listeners to search and visit my website, Tell listeners my business address, Get listeners to call my business, and Announce an event.

iHeart AdBuilder "What do you want listeners to do?" goals page

Keep in mind that if you would like to advertise your business nationally, you will need to select the “Get listeners to search and visit my website” goal and then opt for Nationwide rather than choosing a specific market.

iHeart AdBuilder "Where do you want to reach people" page

If you don’t want to advertise nationally you can select up to 3 individual markets to advertise in. From there, you’ll select your target audience and pick a weekly budget. AdBuilder will show you the minimum budget options for the market(s) you selected, our suggested budget, and the option to enter a custom budget. Weekly budgets start as low as $100 - $200 depending on the market you select for your campaign.

iHeart AdBuilder dates and dollars page

Here comes the fun part! Once you’ve identified your campaign goals, it’s time to make your audio ad. We’ll ask you a few simple questions and our team of audio professionals will write and record an ad for you.

iHeart AdBuilder "What is your ad's creative style?" page

After we’ve produced your custom ad, you will need to listen to it and approve it before we play it on the air. Once approved, our technology platform will use data to determine when and where to play your ad to target the right listeners based on your selected target audience.

Once your campaign begins, you’ll have access to insights including ad impressions, upcoming ad plays, and more.

5 Tips for Launching a Successful Radio Campaign:

1. Be Proactive About Scheduling Your Campaign

iHeart AdBuilder allows you to get on air fast, but scheduling your radio campaigns more than the minimum 7 days ahead of time gives you access to more inventory. And more inventory means you’ll have a better ad schedule and reach more customers!

2. Go Above the Minimum Budget When Possible

Another way to improve your campaign schedule is to increase your budget. In other words, if you select the lowest possible budget you won’t reach as many customers. This is because a lower budget results in fewer impressions — the more impressions your ad generates ultimately increases the number of customers who hear your ad and how many times they hear it.

3. Use Promo Codes or Unique URLs

Launching an audio campaign with an offer is a good way to test the effectiveness of an ad and attract new customers. Including a unique promo code or vanity URL is also an easy way to keep track of ROI. If you don’t have an online offering you can still include a special promotion, just ask listeners to “mention this ad” when they call your business or visit your store.

4. Make Sure Your Ad Sounds Good

With iHeart AdBuilder you don’t have to worry about how your ad will sound because our team of pros will write and produce it for you. You can trust they are the best in the biz, but you will also have the opportunity to approve your ad before it goes on-air so you can make sure everything sounds right. When you’re reviewing a pending ad, pay attention to how your business name is pronounced, confirm all key business details are correct, and make sure your promotions and/or promo codes are accurate.

5. Let the Pros Decide

If you’re not sure what the best creative style is for your business offering, let the pros decide! Our team of professional writers can take the information you provide them and come up with something great so you don’t have to stress — 25% of existing AdBuilder customers let the pros decide!

Ready to give AdBuilder a try? Book a new campaign today. Looking to learn more about radio advertising before you get started? Check out these Radio Advertising Best Practices.

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