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How The Edgefield Market used Radio to Increase Foot Traffic

October 07, 2021

Before using iHeart AdBuilder, Samantha, owner of The Edgefield Market in South Carolina, advertised on Facebook and through the local newspaper and relied on word of mouth to drive awareness. However, through her experience, she quickly discovered that Facebook algorithms were hard to work with and people weren’t reading the paper as often. Her frustration with these methods ultimately led her to iHeart AdBuilder — she stumbled across an AdBuilder ad while researching advertising options.

Who is The Edgefield Market?

The Edgefield Market was founded more than 20 years ago and has hosted a variety of local farmers and artisans over the years. It is a once-a-month mini-festival that takes place March through December and is dedicated to bringing small businesses and consumers together in a family-friendly way. They are located in Edgefield, SC, a small town about 40 minutes north of Augusta, GA, and average 80+ unique, small business vendors each month.


It’s their goal to bring awareness to the importance of shopping small and locally by bringing people to Edgefield to support local vendors.

Quote graphic that says, “I decided to go with iHeart Adbuilder due to the price and convenience. I can set my budget and iHeart works to put my ad on as many of their stations as possible.”


Edgefield Market first tried iHeart AdBuilder in March of 2020. Prior to this, Samantha considered going station to station to get the word out about her market but it wasn’t feasible given her limited marketing budget. AdBuilder was the perfect solution because it gave Edgefield the ability to advertise on iHeartRadio’s more popular stations in the area without exceeding their available budget.

Quote graphic that says, “Most people listen to the radio at some point in their day and iHeart happens to own the popular stations in our area. Trying AdBuilder was a no-brainer!”

Using iHeart AdBuilder, The Edgefield Market has been able to:

  • Run 6 self-service radio campaigns reaching audiences like Arts & Culture Enthusiasts and DIYers 
  • Advertise in multiple markets including Augusta, GA, Greenville-Spartanburg, SC, and Columbia, SC without having to contact individual stations 
  • Create 6 different audio ad creatives with varying tones including Funny and Let the Pros Decide
  • Increase brand awareness resulting in more shoppers and an increase in revenue for other small businesses


The Edgefield Market in Edgefield, South Carolina received more than 258k impressions across their campaigns and saw a significant increase in foot traffic at their events resulting in more revenue for Edgefield’s small business vendors.

Quote graphic that says, “I love this program and plan to continue using it. As my business continues to grow, I will definitely be able to increase my radio ad budget but being able to work with what I have available makes iHeart AdBuilder a dream for small businesses!”

The great thing about iHeart AdBuilder is the flexibility it offers small business owners to select the budget that works best for them without compromising ad quality. It allows you to reach your target audience across iHeartRadio stations in your local community or nationwide, making advertising on the radio easy, simple, and fast!

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