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A Guide to Radio Advertising (Free Guide)

July 28, 2022

Naturally, technology has changed people’s listening habits and consequently radio has adapted to today’s ever-changing landscape.

Radio continues to be the most accessible and dominant medium to consume audio content, even more than Facebook and Google. 

An astounding 93% of Americans tune into the radio every day – that’s more than television, smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Broadcast radio's reach exceeds that of any other medium - bar chart

Historically, buying radio ads has not always been the easiest form of advertising for small businesses. Fortunately, this has changed thanks to iHeart AdBuilder. Buying radio ads is now a completely self-service process and you can instantly have direct access to your customers across iHeartRadio stations locally or nationwide.

Radio Advertising Guide

Radio advertising has its own language and can be intimidating. That is why we are sharing this eBook with everything you need to know about radio advertising. Our updated guide includes everything you need to kickstart your radio advertising experience. You will discover current and relevant data, a detailed glossary of terms, and helpful radio buying tips.

Heart AdBuilder connects the dots between the impressive reach of broadcast radio and the granular insights of digital advertising. Download our 2022 eBook: Your Guide to Radio Advertising and discover how to use the power of radio to boost your small business! 

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