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Foodie Fridays: Use Radio to Promote Your Restaurant

August 31, 2022

There are numerous advertising and marketing options and opportunities for restaurants these days. Tactics like influencer marketing, social media marketing and using an online ordering app may be some of your first marketing choices. However, not to be overlooked, studies have proven the effectiveness and radio to reach customers, delivering the most bang for one’s buck. For example, the affordability and precise targeting radio offers for small businesses is unparalleled. Radio ads provide a unique opportunity and advantage for local restaurants. These ads can help your restaurant business reach an audience that you may be missing through online or in print advertising.

Why Radio works for Restaurants

The numbers do not lie, 92% of Americans aged 12 and up listen to the radio each week and radio remains one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Each radio station has a different demographic, with dedicated listeners who are looking for different types of information, making radio highly targeted and effective for your small business. It’s about knowing who your audience is and what they will respond to. Restaurants can offer unique experiences, intimate settings for special events and the best food for any occasion. Radio has the power to appeal to the customer’s cravings and desired dining experience.

Three reasons why not to overlook radio:

Radio is affordable: Radio advertising is less expensive than television advertising.

Radio is quick: Creating a radio ad is as fast and easy as 1 - 2 - 3. Just answer a few questions about your business and let our audio pros do the rest. Once produced, you’ll be able to listen to your ad, approve it and get on-air fast!

Radio is targeted: Allows you to reach customers at the right times on the right stations in your local market or nationwide. Based on audience parameters selected by you for your ads, the iheart AdBuilder algorithm determines the best mix of radio stations.

Connect with Foodies 

Radio ads keep your restaurant top-of-mind! Your goal is to keep them coming back for seconds. Here are three helpful tips that will make you stick in the minds of the hungry masses. 

Three tips when creating your radio ad:

People associate food with seasons, special memories, big events, use that as a theme when creating your ad.

Let the uniqueness of your restaurant shine in your ad.

Part of knowing your audience is understanding what their pain points are. Do they have a taste of home cooking? Are they in a rush? Do they need a large restaurant to accommodate a gathering?

The most appealing and memorable radio ads are those that are insightful and tell a compelling and relatable story. Ads that aim to create a strong bond with the audience will always be the most successful. Studies have shown that words and sounds (especially those related to food) can bring imagery to mind – this is one of radio’s many strengths. 

It’s our goal to help small businesses reach their customers and grow their business with radio. If you’re worried about how your ad will sound, leave it all to us, and we’ll create a great radio ad you’ll love. 

Regardless of your advertising goals, radio allows you to quickly reach people in your local community or nationwide from coast-to-coast. Get on-air fast by signing up for iHeart AdBuilder and creating your radio ad today. 

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