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Creating a Radio Ad

September 20, 2021

With iHeart AdBuilder you don’t have to worry about how your ad will sound because our team of pros will write and produce it for you. You can trust they are the best in the biz, but you will also have the opportunity to approve your ad before it goes on-air to make sure everything sounds right.

How do I create an audio ad?

After you select your campaign goals, target audience, dates, and budget, you’ll be able to choose your ad’s creative style. Our team of writers understand that what you say is just as important as how you deliver it so they’ll craft your ad to fit the tone you select using the information you provide along with details on your website(s).

When selecting the tone you would like for your ad, you can choose from three options: Let the pros decide, Funny, and Serious. If you select ‘Funny’ as your tone type, you can then further clarify if you’d like it to be Wacky, Dry Humor, or Lighthearted. If you select ‘Serious’ as your tone type, you can request an ad that is Emotional, Instructional, or Professional.

We realize it can be hard to pick the right tone so we recently added creative samples that you can listen to while you’re creating your ad!

iHeart AdBuilder "What is your ad's creative style?" page

If you’re not sure what the best creative style is for your business offering, let the pros decide! Our team of professional writers can take the information you provide them and come up with something great so you don’t have to stress — 25% of existing AdBuilder customers let the pros decide!

iHeart AdBuilder "What is your ad's creative style?" page

Once your campaign has been ordered, we’ll get to work on your ad! Before it goes live on the air, you’ll need to approve your new ad. When you’re reviewing a pending ad, pay attention to how your business name is pronounced, confirm all key business details are correct, and make sure your promotions and/or promo codes are accurate.

Whether you want a radio ad with dry humor or something that’s a bit more emotional, we’ll make it happen. Create your next campaign today to get a free custom radio ad! Keep in mind, we’re currently waiving the $100 ad creation fee (this covers writing and producing the ad), but will begin charging for ad creatives later this year.

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