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5 Ways to Get More Customers to Visit Your Website

September 10, 2020

There’s never been a better time to increase your website traffic. Whether your store has new delivery and pick-up policies, you’re offering online specials, or you just want to keep customers informed and up-to-date, an increase in website visitors is beneficial. 97% of people learn about local businesses online more than anywhere else, so driving traffic to your website is pivotal. But how can you make sure customers are actually landing there? Knowing a few search engine optimization (SEO) tricks and some advertising essentials will do the trick. 

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Here are 5 ways to drastically increase your website traffic:

1. Post on Social Media

Social media is one of the easiest ways to drive more customers to your website, and it’s free! Use sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share news and updates about your business, from new store hours to sales or new products.

2. Engage Online

Being active online is another great way to grow your web traffic. It’s easy and free to engage in online communities and it helps grow your exposure, resulting in more site visits. A few ways to do this is to simply comment on blogs and social media posts that relate to your business and/or industry, answer questions that people are posting on sites like Quora, and participate in conversations when possible.

Make sure that the profiles you’re using to comment and start conversations include links to your website. This simple practice turns engagement into a channel for website traffic.

3. Radio Advertising

You can use broadcast radio to increase brand awareness and reinforce a sense of urgency by encouraging listeners to visit a landing page or use a promo code for a special offer. Radio reaches a massive number of people (244.5 million adults) every month. That’s even more than Facebook and Google!

And, radio drives consumers to retail destinations, no matter the circumstances. As a category, Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) was heavily impacted by COVID-19, but broadcast radio was integral in one brand’s recovery.

Comparing rate of recovery of two brands with different share of voice of radio

For Brand 2, this 163% increase in radio share of voice (SOV) translated into an +8% advantage in the rate of customers returning to the stores once restrictions started to ease.

Previously radio advertising wasn’t easy for small businesses, but iHeart AdBuilder allows you to create an ad by simply logging in and sharing a few business details. You can set up a radio campaign in just a few minutes! Plus, AdBuilder radio ads are currently free so you can quickly update your message as the market conditions change.

4. Build Backlinks

A backlink is simply a link to your website from another website. These links help you reach a larger audience and drive new people to your website. Plus, backlinks improve your SEO rankings because Google sees them as indicators that your site is a trusted source. 

So how do you get a backlink? One way is to collaborate with industry influencers who like your product or service. For example, they can link to your website in a blog post recommending your business or product. 

5. Google My Business

Google My Business is a free and easy traffic generator. It allows you to show up for searches that are relevant to your business and location and increases your visibility to potential customers. Keep in mind, it also enables your business to be found more easily in mobile searches when people are out-and-about and ready to shop. 

Getting more customers to visit your website takes some effort, but these five tactics are sure to increase traffic. Want to dive in a little deeper? We’ve joined American Express in their ‘Stand For Small’ initiative to help small businesses thrive.

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