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How It Works

iHeart AdBuilder makes it easy to get your business heard in three simple steps.



Just answer a few questions about your business, select your campaign dates, pick a weekly budget, and our team of audio pros will produce a customized ad to get your business heard.



After we produce your custom ad, you'll be able to listen to it and approve it. When you approve your ad, we’ll schedule it to play across iHeartRadio stations in your desired locations or nationwide!



Once your ad is approved, we'll get you on-air fast! iHeart AdBuilder ensures your ad is optimized to reach your target audience where they are most likely to listen, connecting your business with your customers.

The Power of Audio

Press play to hear a few sample audio ads that were written and produced by the iHeart AdBuilder team.

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Bring the Power of Radio to Your Business

iHeart AdBuilder Benefits

Self-serve audio advertising platform that helps small businesses quickly and easily get on-air at any time from any device.

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Your customers are listening! Radio’s reach continues to exceed all other mediums with iHeartRadio reaching 9 out of 10 Americans every month.

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Set a weekly budget that works for you and we’ll create a plan that gets you the best results.

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Easy to use audience targeting allows you to reach customers at the right times on the right stations in your local market or nationwide.

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Customized Ads

No creative? No problem. Professionally written and produced radio ads are only a click away.

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Reach your customers when they are listening to the music they love!

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