Get Alerts When People are Talking About Your Business

April 12, 2021
Want to know if people are talking about your business online? Google Alerts is a great tool to utilize to notify you almost instantly when someone…

Amplify Your Small Business Marketing Strategies With Radio

April 05, 2021
Brand awareness can be hard to achieve as a small business, especially during a worldwide pandemic. A silver lining in the challenges the world has…

AdBuilder Update: Reach Listeners from Coast-to-Coast with Nationwide

March 18, 2021
Do you want to reach new customers across the United States with a single ad campaign? With the launch of Nationwide on iHeart AdBuilder you can now…

Your Customers Are On the Move Again

March 10, 2021
As more of the country opens up, your customers are getting out and about again, but they’re doing it differently. Understandably, people are…

How Many Radio Ads You Should Run

February 18, 2021
Determining how many radio ads to run or how long to stay on-air can be difficult, but iHeart AdBuilder makes it easy. Our algorithm automatically…

What is an impression?

January 13, 2021
What is an impression and why is it important? In radio, an impression simply refers to a person hearing your advertisement (i.e. one impression…

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