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Why Brand Awareness is Important for Your Small Business

January 11, 2022

Brand awareness is the familiarity customers have with the quality and identity of a particular business. When people recognize your brand, they are more likely to seek your product or service to fill their needs.

Brand awareness is essential because it keeps your brand top-of-mind with consumers. 75% of shoppers say they are more likely to purchase from a familiar company. The more customers know about a brand’s mission, narratives, and core values, the more likely they are to trust the product or service they’re buying. Brand awareness should be a top priority for your business, as a strong identity and presence can encourage purchasing decisions for prospective customers.

Brand Awareness Strategies

Creating a sense of brand familiarity by providing an emotional connection, value, accessibility, and differentiation is critical if you want your target audience to recognize your brand.

Here are a few easy ways to increase brand awareness for your business:

Devote Time to Social Media

Social media can effectively connect you with existing customers while also reaching new prospective customers. Your social presence allows them to learn more about your business and become familiar with it. Building a social media presence includes posting creative and engaging content that encourages followers to interact with your business. Create content that educates your followers about your business and inspires them to share to further expose your brand to others. Everything you share, including blogs, videos, contests, polls, and posts, should be consistent with your brand to make it more recognizable.

Use Customer Service to Build Your Business’ Reputation

Encouraging reviews from customers is a great way to boost your business’s reputation. More often than not, consumers read reviews before making a purchase decision. You can build credibility and loyalty with your current and future customers by building a bank of reviews. To do this, provide customer service that is worth mentioning—if your customers’ needs are adequately addressed, they are more likely to share their experience with others.

Expose Your Small Business

Another great way to build brand awareness is by getting your business involved in your community. Showcase your small business by participating in festivals, charities, and events to get your business name out there. An effective way to do this is by giving customers free offers or swag—putting your brand and logo in their hands. Invest in good swag that’s valuable and useful so people will want to keep it, allowing more people to see your brand over time.

Get the Word Out About Your Small Business

Get on the radio to stay top of mind with your target audience. The more they hear about your business, the more familiar they’ll be with your brand. Audio advertising is a great way to reach customers locally or nationally. With iHeart AdBuilder, getting your business on the radio is easy and simple.

It’s important to invest in marketing strategies that will increase brand awareness for your small business. Get creative and make your brand distinguishable to earn familiarity and give customers a reason to think of your business first.

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