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Using Radio and Digital Advertising Together Resulted in More Bookings

October 12, 2021

We often ask our customers to share their experiences with radio advertising, but we did a little experimenting ourselves and thought it would be fun to share our findings with all of you. 

Our two biggest advertising investments for getting the word out about iHeart AdBuilder are Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and broadcast radio. We knew that these two mediums worked well together but wanted to know exactly how much of an impact radio advertising had on the success of our SEM campaigns.

It was easy to theorize that some of our success with Google Ads could be attributed to radio ads because people often search for whatever they hear in an ad (i.e. “iHeart AdBuilder” or “Small Business Radio Advertising”) and then click the top result, but we wanted to find out how much influence there really was.

Testing the Impact Radio Has on SEM

To get a true look at how much impact radio advertising had in boosting our SEM campaigns, we needed to be strategic about when and how we analyzed the data. In February of 2021, we cut our radio impressions in half while leaving our SEM budget unchanged, so we were able to easily compare January and February traffic. Geomapping traffic and search term analysis allowed our data team to isolate broadcast radio and paid search traffic.

There’s No Denying the Power of Radio

When we decreased the number of radio ads we were running we saw fewer website sessions and bookings. In markets where we decreased our radio ad frequency, we saw -14.63% fewer clicks and -26.98% fewer bookings. People in radio markets are more likely to book a campaign, too! Even with the decrease in radio impressions, 1.53% of sessions in February led to a booked campaign in radio markets compared to 0.64% in non-radio markets.

Radio ads also brought more engaged users to our website. People who visited from radio markets had significantly lower bounce rates and viewed 43.75% more pages per session than those from non-radio markets. Even better, 27% of all bookings came directly from people who included a radio-influenced search term in their Google search.

Getting your business name out there can be hard, but being remembered is even harder. Combining digital advertising and radio allows you to stay top of mind with customers, reinforce your message across multiple platforms, and ultimately increase ROI. iHeart AdBuilder can help you get started with radio in three simple steps: click, approve, get on the air. Click here to learn how to launch your own radio ad campaign.

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