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Reaching Car Buyers with Radio

June 29, 2021

With more consumers on the go and businesses opening back up, the cost of digital advertising is on the rise leaving business owners questioning what advertising methods are most effective to reach their customers. Traditional advertising such as radio isn’t new to car dealerships, but here’s why radio advertising should be at the top of your mind if you want to reach car buyers:

Why Pair Radio with Digital?

The Keller and Associates research discovered that some dealers use digital advertising, but find that integrating it with traditional advertising is most effective for their marketing objectives. Digital advertising on its own isn’t as effective for car dealers due to insignificant market penetration and low brand awareness. In addition, the research found that 60% of participating dealers use radio as part of their advertising strategy.

Dealers expressed that rates for digital advertising continue to increase, allowing them to get an even better value for radio advertising. This results in traditional advertising allowing dealers to promote their franchise brands and dealerships more effectively. The study adds that traditional advertising complements a businesses digital presence as digital retailing initiatives continue to scale. A good example of this is dealership e-commerce based initiatives that use traditional advertising to communicate their websites’ ability to price and buy cars online.

Reaching Car Buyers on the Go

Radio reaches consumers throughout their day and as soon as consumers know what vehicle to buy, they want to know where to buy it. Of adult households who plan to buy or lease a vehicle in the next 12 months, radio reaches up to 91% of them. As shown in the chart below, radio has the highest weekly reach of automotive intenders in comparison to the internet, broadcast TV, and cable.

A chart that shows that radio reaches more automotive buyers than all other major media including internet, broadcast TV, and cable.
Source: Scarborough USA+ 2019 Release 1 Total (Jan 2018 – May 2019). Based on HHLD’s who plan to buy a new, used, or leased vehicles in the next 12 months

Radio Ad Focus

When you’re creating radio ads for your car dealership, it’s important to know what information buyers are looking for. Based on radio listener feedback, your radio ads should focus on the service, selection, and financing opportunities your dealership offers. Buying a car is a big purchase and the consumer decision process is more extensive so it’s important to focus your radio ad on what the buyer wants to know.

Radio advertising is a cost effective marketing strategy that can help car dealerships increase brand awareness. By reaching up to 91% of adult households, radio allows you to reach a wide range of consumers and deliver information they need to choose your dealership. Make it easy for your customers to find you!

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