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Radio Works Around the Clock

October 20, 2020

Did you know that radio works around the clock? A lot of people focus on daytime radio ad slots when planning their campaigns, but overnight radio offers a big opportunity. In fact, 33% of adults 18+ listen to the radio between midnight and 5 am1. Listening is even higher for those who work night shifts, too. 

iHeart Radio nighttime listening stats


A few examples of industries that tend to work more night shifts include manufacturing, healthcare, commercial cleaning, transport, and quick-service restaurants (QSRs).

When you create a radio advertising campaign with AdBuilder, we optimize your campaign based on your budget and target audience, ensuring you reach your ideal listeners – day or night – automatically adjusting the schedule to reach them when and where they’re listening. And, late-night and overnight radio spots tend to be more affordable as well, allowing you to get more impressions without increasing your budget (note: one impression equals one listen).

Want to learn more about radio advertising? Our Radio Buying Quick Start Guide for Small Businesses will teach you about radio advertising so you have the knowledge you need to quickly reach your customers on-air via AdBuilder. 

Sources: 1. Nielsen Audio Nationwide Fall 2017, 4-Week Reach, M-Su 12m-5a, A18+. 2. iHeartMedia Proprietary Research AskSuzy Night Shift Worker Survey, 12m-6am. March 2018.

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