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Radio – A Powerful Medium

August 05, 2022

Today, turning on the radio is still a daily habit that Google and Facebook cannot compete with. Radio has an audience no other medium can match. An impressive 93 percent of Americans tune into the radio every day — that’s more than television, smartphones, tablets, or computers (As the Audio Landscape Evolves, Broadcast Radio Remains the King). Radio is timeless due to its massive reach and ability to adapt to today’s technology.


When you think of radio, you might think of listening on a traditional stereo or in the car on your way to work, but now, increasingly more people are tuning in from their phones when they are on the go or via smart speakers at home. In fact, according to Edison Research, one-third of Americans own a smart speaker and these smart speaker owners are also heavy radio listeners. Technology has undoubtedly changed people’s listening habits, but AM/FM radio remains the dominant medium to consume audio content.


Radio is a unique medium in that it delivers information, entertainment, and companionship all through audio. You can obtain content through almost any device wherever you are, and it does not require you to look and interact with a screen while consuming information. You can get the information and entertainment you seek just by listening.


This timeless medium is powerful for businesses too. It can increase brand awareness, traffic, and sales for businesses that advertise on air. People look to the radio to learn about products and services in their area. It is no surprise that it is the number one trusted medium in the US with 67% of adults considering it highly trustworthy. This medium can keep your business top of mind with your customers while they are on the go.

Radio is a reliable and credible medium that listeners count on for information, entertainment and even companionship. This medium will always be part of a consumer’s daily life, part of their routine and buying habits.

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