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Promote Your Tax Services on the Radio to Reach Taxpayers

January 27, 2022

A new year means another tax season is quickly approaching. The pandemic has undoubtedly thrown some wrenches in the last few tax seasons, and more people are looking for financial experts they can trust.

About 30% of people use CPAs to do their taxes, and when they’re looking for the right CPA to trust with their finances, they want to get their information from a credible source. Radio is the most trusted medium, beating TV and social media. A survey done in 2020 found that radio is two times more trustworthy than social media. So, when you’re asking yourself how to best reach your audience, radio is worth considering.

Bar chart that shows radio is the most trusted medium. The chart compares radio to television, websites, Twitter, and Facebook.

The 2022 tax season ends on April 18th, so there is no time to waste if you want to promote your services this year. iHeart AdBuilder is the perfect way to quickly get your business on the air to reach a large audience. We’ll make a custom ad for you, but make sure you share your availability and any current or upcoming promotions in your ad request. Let’s make sure taxpayers know they can trust your firm with their finances!

If you’re not sure how to get started with launching your radio ad, check out our latest content roundup that includes helpful blogs about getting started with radio advertising.

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