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Preparing for the 2022 Holiday Season

October 12, 2022

It’s never too early to start planning for the holidays! For small business owners, it’s the perfect time to start preparing your holiday marketing campaigns. Consumers are craving the holiday spirit and looking to local businesses for events and activities to enjoy with their family over the holidays. Being proactive when booking your radio campaigns will help you beat the rush, and ensure customers are aware of any special holiday events or offers your small business has to offer.

Schedule Your Ads Ahead of Time

For radio, holiday inventory sells out quickly! To ensure you don’t get left off the shopping list, make sure you buy your radio ads early. When scheduling your ads, you want to be sure to do it well in advance of the holidays. It’s important to note that inflation will drive consumers to shop earlier than in previous years. Salesforce research predicts that 37% of US shoppers will make their holiday purchases before prices rise too much. This means you’ll want to book your campaign as far in advance as possible so you can get the best results.

Spend More During this Time

It’s always a good idea to spend more on advertising during the holidays. Increasing your budget leads to more impressions and ultimately increases the number of customers who hear your ad and how many times they hear it. iHeart AdBuilder allows you to get on the air quickly but scheduling your campaign more than the minimum 7 days ahead of time gives you access to more inventory. And more inventory means you’ll have a better ad schedule and reach more customers.

Create an Emotional Connection

Create an emotional connection with your listeners this holiday season. Consumers want to experience joy, nostalgia, and time with their loved ones. Keep this in mind when you are creating your ad. We know this holiday shopping season is going to be different. Consumers may be more cautious with their purchases, so get ahead by booking your ads sooner rather than later.

Whether you want to let your customers know about new store hours, a special holiday offer, online deals, or just remind them to shop locally, it's time to make sure you are part of their holiday soundtrack this season.

Don’t wait! Book your campaign today. Promote your small business and keep your brand top of mind as customers shop for the holidays. If you’re not sure how to get started, download our free guide to radio advertising

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