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People Are Listening to More Radio

May 13, 2020

With fewer commutes and less time spent on-the-go, it’s reassuring to see that homebound Americans are still listening to the radio. Radio always feels extra important during times of crisis because it's such a trusted and stable medium that allows listeners to feel more connected to their communities amidst isolation. 

iHeartRadio stats about Americans listening to more radio at home

Situations like this amplify the significance of radio and provide advertisers with a very captive audience. Whether you want to get a quick message out to let customers know that you're still open for business or you want to provide a special offer to help them out in their time of need, radio is a quick and reliable way to reach them.

iHeartRadio stats about Americans listening to more radio at home

You might not have seen your customers face-to-face in a while, but you can still stay connected to them on the radio. Connect with your customers and let them know about everything from your home-delivery to online shopping options or new hours of operation. Getting started with AdBuilder is easy, just sign up, answer a few questions about your business, listen to and approve the ad (created by audio pros), and we’ll get you on air fast. Get started today and receive a custom radio ad at no charge.

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