Radio Advertising

A Lasting Medium

April 28, 2022

Why Radio is a Lasting Medium 

As technology evolves and consumers’ listening habits change, so does radio. Radio’s ability to adapt is why it’s timeless and continues to be the top reach medium, with 93% of Americans tuning in every day.

Radio is Timeless

Radio has adapted and continues to be available to consumers everywhere they want to tune in. When you think of radio, you might think of listening on a traditional stereo or in the car on your way to work, but now, more and more are tuning in from their phones when they’re on the go or via smart speakers at home. In fact, according to Edison Research, one-third of Americans own a smart speaker and these smart speaker owners are also heavy radio listeners. 

Consumers can tune into broadcast radio through a smart device with just a tap, which is why so much of broadcast radio listening happens via smart home devices and speakers. And according to Infinite Dial—one of the longest-running studies in the radio field — 73% of people 12 years or older listened to online audio in the month of February 2022 and this number continues to grow as more people tune in to radio via smart devices.

Future of Radio

We live in a world where people are constantly on the go but still want access to the latest news and entertainment. Radio keeps up with them as they go about their daily routines by being available everywhere they are.

As technology advances, so does the way people listen to radio. As mentioned earlier, broadcast radio is already being listened to on smart devices, and 41% of households have at least one smart speaker in their home. 

To sum things up, radio isn't going anywhere. It continues to be flexible and easily connects different audiences, and it’s a trusted medium that delivers relevant information and the entertainment that your customers seek. Don’t overlook this timeless medium! Historically, radio advertising wasn’t accessible for small businesses, but with AdBuilder, it’s never been easier to get on-air to reach your customers.

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