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How a Small Business Made a Radio Ad Without Talking to a Salesperson

October 08, 2020

Whether you’re an advertising or events company like Jacksonville Business Connections, a realtor looking to let people know about an open house, or a restaurant with new take-out and delivery options, iHeart AdBuilder can get you on-air quickly. Here’s how Jacksonville Business Connections used AdBuilder to get on the radio without a pre-produced audio ad or any back and forth with a salesperson.

Who is Jacksonville Business Connections?

Jacksonville Business Connections was launched in 2012 with the vision to help North Florida businesses market their products & services to the community. They host more than 20 events a year and have an online directory of 200+ businesses!

Historically, Jacksonville Business Connections used social media, email blasts, word-of-mouth, and television to reach customers, but they decided to explore radio with AdBuilder after hearing about the self-serve platform on the radio.


To find an affordable way to drive awareness and increase attendance of upcoming events by reaching their target audience.

Jacksonville Business Connections Owner AdBuilder Testimonial


In just a few minutes using iHeart AdBuilder, Jacksonville Business Connections was able to:

  • Create a 30-second radio ad completely self-service without any back and forth with a salesperson.
  • Select their target audience of adult females in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Request a “professional” ad with a “serious” tone.
Jacksonville Business Connections Owner AdBuilder Testimonial

Less than 24 hours later, they were able to approve their professionally written and recorded audio ad and were ready to go on-air. Take a listen below:


Jackson Business Connections received 2,225,600 impressions (one impression equals one listen) in Jacksonville, FL in less than 6 weeks (40 total flight days).

For the first time, radio advertising is self-service and affordable. Jacksonville Business Connections was able to get on-air fast with no audio creative and no salesperson using iHeart AdBuilder.

Regardless what size your business is, radio’s combination of reach, engagement, and customer trust is unmatched. Get started with radio today by signing up for AdBuilder and creating a free custom radio ad.

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