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How to Launch an Audio Ad Campaign on iHeart AdBuilder

January 03, 2023

We have exciting news to share! You can now add podcasting and music streaming ads to your radio campaign with iHeart AdBuilder! Reach your target audience while they’re streaming their favorite music or listening to podcasts. This is a great addition to your marketing campaign if you are trying to reach more listeners.

It’s no secret that audio consumption is on the rise! Today, consumers spend a third of their media time with audio. With AdBuilder you can take advantage of audio advertising to help you grow your small business. Creating your audio campaign is an easy process!

How to Get Started

Start your campaign by selecting your advertising goals and choose between any of the following:  

– Get listeners to search and visit my website 

– Tell listeners my business address  

– Get listeners to call my business 

– Announce an event




Keep in mind that if you would like to advertise your business nationally, you’ll need to select ‘Get listeners to search and visit my website’ and opt for Nationwide rather than choosing a specific market.




Should you decide to advertise locally, you’ll have the option to select up to 3 individual markets to advertise in.  

From there, you’ll pick a weekly budget. On this page, you’ll see the choice to add podcasting and streaming to your radio campaign to further expand your reach and connect with customers listening to their favorite podcast or streaming music on the iHeartRadio App.




Once you’ve decided whether you want to add podcasting or streaming, you’ll select your target audience.

With AdBuilder you can be sure you are reaching the right people with precise audience targeting. AdBuilder allows you to target by age and gender or to use psychographic targeting (e.g., pet owners, married couples, single adults etc.), allowing you to reach your ideal customer locally or nationwide.

Now, for the fun part – creating your ad! Personalize your ad by choosing the tone and including any key details you want your listeners to know about your business  so our team of audio professionals can write and record the perfect ad to reach your customers.




After we’ve produced your custom ad, you’ll need to approve it. Pay close attention to how your business name is pronounced, and confirm that all key content and details are correct. 

Once you approve your ad, our technology platform will use data to figure out when and where to play your ad to target the right listeners based on your selected target audience. When your campaign is live, you’ll have access to insights including ad impressions, upcoming ad plays, and more

It’s that simple! Use the power of audio to grow your small business and create your campaign today

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