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Easy Festive Holiday Marketing Tips for 2022

October 19, 2022

This year’s holiday season will undoubtedly be a special one as more Americans will gather with family and friends than the past two years. It will also be a challenging time—as discretionary spending is taxed by inflation. As a result, 37% of shoppers want to get their holiday shopping done early this year due to concerns about rising inflation. One of the best ways to get ahead of competition is to start early and get your brand’s voice heard!

Why Increase your Marketing Over the Holidays?

Holiday marketing is a process of intensifying efforts via a variety of marketing channels to increase visibility. The intention is to provide customers with valuable offers and boost revenue during the holiday season. Holiday marketing has the potential to boost sales for a variety of reasons. Purchase intents are higher than usual, and marketing campaigns generate a sense of urgency that encourages customers to purchase. Here are easy and inexpensive tips to help get your small business out ahead of the shopping frenzy.

Be Part of the Soundtrack of the Holidays

The biggest challenge most consumers deal with during the holiday season is FOMO (fear of missing out). Did they get the best deal? Is it in stock? Will it ship in time for the Holidays? What is the best way to reach these consumers?


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One of the easiest ways to reach your audience before the holiday rush is with radio. Radio is effective and has the power to lift brand actions by 51%. Use audio to incentivize your customers too!

Treat Customers to Awesome Holiday Promotions

One of the appealing things about holiday shopping is promising deals you don’t get any other time of year. Offering holiday promotions and discounts is a great way to attract customers. It's important you show some love and appreciation to existing and loyal customers. Show gratitude, by sending them a small customer appreciation holiday gift, handwritten note, or a loyalty discount. There are many types of holiday promotions you can run this season, from gift cards to products or even a gift bundle.

Make Sure your Message is Timely

You’ve probably heard about the three big shopping days this 2022 holiday season. These three dates need to be in your marketing calendar when planning your holiday promotions. 

November 24 — Thanksgiving 

November 25 — Black Friday 

November 26 — Small Business Saturday 

November 28 – Cyber Monday

Keep in mind that Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are the start of the shopping season. Most of your customers shop till the end of December. Make your promotions timely, and personal.

Stay Active on Social Media

The holiday season is a good time to make greater use of your social media to increase connections with your followers. Make sure you have an effective social media strategy and plan suitable content for each channel. Use social media to share important dates, reminders, and updates with your customers amidst a busy time of year.

Shipping delays and supply chain disruptions can interfere with this year’s holiday season, so keep your customers in the loop. This is especially important for building customer and brand loyalty for your small business. Having a strong social media presence is essential as it’s a great way to find and engage with your customers during the holidays. Plus, it can directly impact revenue — as a whopping 74% of consumers rely on social media to guide their purchasing decisions.

This is the perfect time to start really digging into your marketing strategy and set yourself up to successfully meet your holiday goals. If you would like to receive periodic updates about articles like this, please subscribe to our mailing list. To subscribe, simply enter your email in the “Subscribe & Don’t Miss a Beat” box at the bottom of this page.  

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