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Discover How Many People Are Tuning in to Listen to Your Radio Ads

July 26, 2021

Radio advertising is a one-to-many advertising solution that allows you to reach more customers everywhere they are. When you run campaigns on iHeart AdBuilder you have access to metrics like Impressions, but we’re now reporting Reach and Frequency details as well. These additional metrics will provide you with a better understanding of how many individual listeners are hearing your ads (Reach) as well as the number of times they’ll hear them (Frequency).

Increasing the Reach and Frequency of radio ad campaigns will help you get your message heard by more people more often, ensuring that your business is top of mind when they are in the market for your product or service.

Will I know the Reach and Frequency before I book my campaign?

When you’re setting up a traditional radio campaign, you’ll see forecasts for Estimated Total Reach and Estimated Total Frequency before you finalize and book your campaign.

iHeart AdBuilder campaign summary page that shows estimated metrics including Impressions, Reach, and Frequency

These forecasted metrics will not be available for Nationwide campaigns prior to submitting your order, but you will see Reach and Frequency details on your campaign dashboard once your ad starts playing on the air.

iHeart AdBuilder in progress Nationwide campaign metrics

How do I get more out of my radio ad campaigns?

iHeart AdBuilder optimizes your campaigns to reach your target audience when and where they are listening, but there are still ways you can improve your campaigns. Here are three simple things to consider when planning your next audio campaign:

  1. Spend more than the minimum budget when possible. Increasing your budget leads to more impressions and ultimately increases the number of customers who hear your ad and/or how many times they hear it.
  2. Schedule your campaign in advance. AdBuilder allows you to get on the air fast, but scheduling your campaign more than the minimum 7 days ahead of time gives you access to more inventory. And more inventory means you’ll have a better ad schedule and reach more customers.
  3. Use memorable promo codes or URLs. Provide an incentive in your ad that encourages customers to reach out to your business. If you don’t have an online offering you can still include a special promotion, just ask listeners to “mention this ad” when they call your business or visit your store.

Visit AdBuilder today to get your business on the radio! If you’re new to radio advertising and want to learn more, take a look at our recent blog post: How to Launch a Radio Ad Campaign With iHeart AdBuilder.

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