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AdBuilder Update: Reach Listeners from Coast-to-Coast with Nationwide

March 18, 2021

Do you want to reach new customers across the United States with a single ad campaign? With the launch of Nationwide on iHeart AdBuilder you can now easily reach listeners from coast-to-coast!

Why Nationwide? 

A national campaign is a great option if you have a product or service that’s available online and you want to expand your customer base beyond your local community. 

When you run a Nationwide campaign, you have the potential to reach people in all of the iHeartRadio markets across the United States. Once your campaign starts airing, you’ll be able to see exactly which markets and stations your ads are playing on by visiting your campaign dashboard.

An iHeart AdBuilder campaign dashboard showing impressions by day and the locations and radio stations ads played on.


How do I launch a Nationwide campaign? 

To try it, start a campaign with the goal, “Get listeners to search and visit my website.” Next, instead of selecting a specific market, click the ‘Nationwide’ button. It’s that easy!

The iHeart AdBuilder "where do you want to reach people?" screen with an arrow pointing to the new "Nationwide" button.


One last thing...

In addition to offering free audio ad production and new Nationwide campaigns, we also lowered the weekly minimum budget in many of our markets. A lower weekly budget allows you to stay on-air longer so you can maximize your reach (click here to learn more about this).

We hope this helps you get on-air more easily so you can connect with your customers throughout the US to let them know about your current hours, special promotions, new accommodations, and more.

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