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A woman holding a laptop and pointing at the screen. The screen is displaying options for radio ad creative on iHeart AdBuilder

Creating a Radio Ad

September 17, 2021

With iHeart AdBuilder you don’t have to worry about how your ad will sound because our team of pros will write and produce it for you. You can trust they are the best in the biz, but you will also have the opportunity to approve your ad before it goes on-air to make sure everything sounds right.

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Holiday boxes sitting on top of a desk in a back room or workshop at a small business

What to Consider When Planning for the 2021 Holiday Season

September 20, 2021

Much like last year, this holiday season is sure to be different than prior years; COVID-19 changed the way consumers shop for and celebrate holidays. This means more time spent at home and traveling via personal vehicles rather than public transportation. Luckily, radio reaches holiday shoppers… Read More

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Gen Z woman wearing headphones at a coffee shop

Reaching Gen Z With Radio

September 02, 2021

Gen Z are true digital natives and the most tech-savvy generation. They are constantly consuming news and information throughout the day on various platforms, but it may be to your surprise that 55% of 13-24 year-olds in the US are reached by AM/FM radio daily.

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